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Competition in the search engine optimization field is fierce, and SEO Treo has taken a new stance in servicing our small to medium business clients by providing a dynamic approach to search engine optimization through SEO 2.0. The field is ever changing, and our Search Engine Optimization 2.0 (SEO 2.0) approach embraces the challenge.

In our SEO 2.0 approach, we will strategically plan and build all the necessary components of optimization to allow your small to medium business's website to reach top ten (10) first (1st) page placement and ranking in Google. SEO Treo will also redesign your website to move up in Google and land a first page ranking. Our SEO 2.0 services often involve data collection about existing ranking in Google, SWOT analysis including website analysis, keyword discovery and research, legitimate link building and directory submissions, seo press release service and distribution, social networking, social media optimization, online identity and reputation management, copy and content writing, search engine submissions, seo blog creation and writing, seo affiliate networking, social bookmarking, interlinking and linkbait strategies, anchor text link conversion, Google maps and other guaranteed SEO services.

Our SEO 2.0 mission is to enable your small to medium business to conduct a more successful seo approach based on the core competencies of your business. We can walk less experienced users through the basics of networking, content analysis, site analysis, and practical approaches to online marketing and page rank growth. SEO Treo has consulted numerous companies with SEO 2.0 and has helped many of its clients achieve first page rankings for highly competitive keywords or phrases. The successes of many small business campaigns are elevated by their ability to deliver their message. This comes from the design and aesthetics of a site. It is all very well driving traffic, but it's just as important to keep that traffic there long enough to convert to a prospect, lead, or even customer for your business. Many top firms or companies offering SEO services have gotten this principle in optimizing sites, but our SEO 2.0 approach encompasses all aspects of Web 2.0.

Many top SEO firms claim to offer "guaranteed SEO Services;" they guarantee your site first page top ten ranking for the keywords they choose on undisclosed search engines or they have packages that include several search engines with a majority of ranking appearing on the lesser used ones (Infoseek (now, AlltheWeb, Altavista, Lycos, Dogpile, etc.). Why then, are these companies, themselves, optimized for keywords like “directory submission service” or “local small business seo service," in Google when most of their visitors wouldn't possibly type these phrases into a search box? If fact, under the Google Adwords, they wouldn't even be considered as keywords and would most likely cost 5 cents per click. This is guaranteed SEO; however, these seo called "top SEO firms" are able to provide such arbitrary guarantees by choosing keywords that won’t or don’t produce results legitimate results on the first page of Google. They use free software keyword suggestion tools and even the Google Keyword Tool to discover keywords. They then base their prices on these generic keywords and that is also why they are able to quote prices before-hand. The other half, you'll find, are listed on Rip Off Reports either under their corporate names or their owners' names for using black-hat tactics or simply nor producing top ten results on the first page of Google as promised. You'll find that we at SEO Treo are by no means hypocrites. We are ranked on the first page of Google for some of the most competitive keywords in the search engine optimization industry. Keywords like SEO 2.0, Reverse SEO, First Page Ranking, Top Ten Ranking, Top SEO Firms, Top SEO Companies, Guaranteed SEO services, SEO Testimonials, Top SEO Companies, and more...

Risk Free Money-Back Guarantee with Google Checkout

Despite what you read, it is impossible for any SEO firm offering seo services to guarantee you a #1 ranking in Google’s organic search engine results. However, we understand that you still want some assurance that you will get the best possible results by signing on with us instead of a lower-priced "guaranteed SEO" competitor.

Even though there is no way we (or any other company) can guarantee a #1 ranking in Google, Yahoo! or Microsoft Bing (formerly Live Search), we are willing to put our money where our mouth is by offering you our money back seo service guarantee; if we do not achieve at least ten top 10 organic rankings (on the first page), we will give you your money back, period! (This is a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on your set-up fee if we fail to rank a minimum of 10 keywords on page one.)

There are new technologies emerging from Google and their competitors to increase the efficiency of their search engines like Google Universal search, which bases results on your internet behavior, websites you may have looked at, what you usually search for and even your email headings. This is the first rollout of practical artificial intelligence. SEO Treo's stance has been one with the foresight to use them to our advantage in our SEO 2.0 approach.

In this respect, most of our competitors offering seo services can’t afford to retrain their entire staff in emerging technologies of ever-evolving search engines; it just doesn't make fiscal sense. It would be more beneficial for them to take a chance on what's worked in the past and see what happens. (It's not exactly like they teach search engine algorithms in school.) On the flip side, if you aren’t optimizing a website for the correct keywords, the results presented hold no value; even if you're on page one it'll be the wrong result for a searcher and they'll move on. This is why we at SEO Treo believe research is critical to find out how your customers find you.

SEO Treo's team is committed to working with you to determine your exact needs that get the results you want. We work hand-in-hand with our public relations and marketing teams taking a psychological approach to predict your clients' behaviors.

In partnering with you, we will ensure your web site will be more accessible on the Internet in terms of first page rankings for specific keywords across the major search engines, specifically Google. We as team members of SEO Treo look forward to taking your business to the next level.

In considering partnering with us, please keep in mind that we also specialize in seo 2.0, first page rankings, and top ten placement (rank) in Google. We will be available at a moment’s notice! We guarantee to never outsource any of our work in any respect and promise that all of our work will be done in-house, in an ethical white-hat manor per Google's webmaster guidelines, and in one of our offices in San Diego, Laguna Niguel, Newport Beach, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Santa Ana, Anheim, Long Beach, Los Angeles, or Santa Monica, CA. Nothing will be outsourced where they may not understand where your business is coming from and needs to be!

The Bottom line is to get your small to medium business site on the first page of Google!


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We are pleased to announce the first risk free S.E.O. performance plan in the industry by offering a full money-back guarantee on all of our services through our partners at Google.

If we are unable to rank your website on the first page of Google for the keywords within your package and you paid through Google Checkout, then we will provide a full refund of your purchase price.

And did you know you can pay with ANY MAJOR CREDIT CARD through Google Checkout?

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